Tree Trimming Types: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The right tree service team will know that it is necessary to prune trees and account for tree limbs, dead branches, and other care for mature trees. Whether you have fruit, young, oak, or deciduous trees, you want to ensure that you are taking care of them well.

When we are looking at tree trimming services, it might require the removal of a few branches, lower branches, or branches elsewhere to promote plant health.

There are different types of trims that you can use on your trees. An old tree may need trimming every 3-5 years. And a younger one is trimmed every 2-3 years.

In this blog, you will understand which type of trimming practice suits your tree. And you can avoid giving your trees the worst trim practices. If you want to work with fantastic tree trimming services, reach out to our team at the Volunteer Tree Company.

What are the types of tree trimming?

There are seven main types of tree trimming you can choose from. These are:

  1. Crown reduction
  2. Crown raising
  3. Crown restoration
  4. Crown cleaning
  5. Crown thinning
  6. Vista pruning
  7. Espalier pruning

Crown reduction: This is when the branch of a tree is cut to minimize the height or decrease the canopy of the trees. A specific measurement is given to know how much is being cut.

You can use this trimming when your tree is too close to your house or building.

Crown raising: Have you noticed trees with no branches at the bottom but have a lot at the top? That’s what a tree looks like when its crown is raised. Your arborist will know how much of the tree needs to be cut.

In this practice, you can remove the whole bottom branch or only one part of the crown.

Crown restoration: You can apply this pruning method if your tree is damaged. Tree branches may lose their strength after a storm.

An arborist will help you by taking care of the damaged branches by cutting or removing them.

Crown Cleaning: This is the basic type of trimming your tree can get. It involves removing a dead or damaged tree or branches. An arborist will know how much needs to be removed or cleaned.

Crown thinning: You may have dense trees even though light can’t penetrate them. Certain branches are removed from the tree without losing their shape. You can use this method for good air and light penetration movement.

Vista pruning: This technique is used when you want to improve the scenery view, but the tree is blocking it. Let’s say you have a big tree in your house. And you have a beautiful view of a lake in front of your house. Then, when you go to the balcony, your view is blocked because of the tree.

At this point, your arborist can thin or remove certain parts of the tree for you to have a clear view.

Espalier pruning: This technique is almost like customizing a tree to your preference.

For example, You want to use your tree as a shade in your garden. With this method, you can trim all the vertical branches and maintain the horizontal branches.

Best Tree Trimming Practices

A trimming practice is considered best when it is the right option for the tree and its location. 

  • Trimming trees in the proper season
  • Make pruning cuts properly and
  • Use the three-cut method

Worst tree trimming Practices

There are a lot of wrong things you can do when trimming your trees. Some of them are:

  • Flush cuts
  • Stub cuts
  • Heading cuts and
  • Using the wrong tool

You can trim your trees when they are growing in the wrong direction. And you can also trim your trees when there is a possible risk. But you should always make sure to trim your trees correctly.

Trees are beautiful to see and essential for your health. Invest in a professional arborist if you have no idea about tree trimming.

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