Subsidence Caused by Trees: Why You Should Be Worried 

Trees provide tremendous beauty to properties. Flowering Dogwoods and Sourwood trees brighten landscapes and boost homes’ curb appeal.

However, subsidence caused by trees weakens and damages the foundation of homes. Before planting trees around your property, contact your trusted tree service in Columbia, Tennessee to avoid this situation. 

Tree experts provide detailed tree health consultation to help homeowners avoid the damages of subsidence caused by intensive tree roots. Always plant trees at least 15 feet away from structures. Furthermore, enlist professionals to trim and prune your trees at least once a year.

The damage caused by subsidence can prove devastating. Fortunately, homeowners can take precautionary measures to ensure subsidence never affects their property. 

What Is Subsidence?

Subsidence refers to soil weakening due to expanding and contracting humus, topsoil, and subsoil layers. Clay soils are especially prone to subsidence as they readily absorb moisture, swelling during the rainy season and contracting during dry months. If you notice your ground sinking, cracking, or feeling bouncy, contact local tree experts for help combating subsidence.

Other signs of subsidence include the following: 

  • Cracked foundations
  • Damaged sewage pipes and water lines 
  • Damaged gutters
  • Poor soil quality 
  • Uneven soil 

When purchasing a new property, always request a geological survey to identify signs of subsidence. Without this inspection, homeowners may become responsible for paying for subsidence damage out of pocket. Expansive tree root systems that cross property lines and damage your neighbor’s property become the responsibility of the tree’s owner. 

Subsidence Caused by Trees

Proper care of trees decreases the likelihood of subsidence. Always water, fertilize, and trim your trees at least once a year.

Slow-releasing fertilizers feed trees essential nutrients, reducing the need for tree roots to compete vigorously for water and minerals. Trimming and pruning services enable healthy branches to grow and allow air and light to reach the tree canopy.

Subsidence causes the following challenges: 

Structural Damage to Property 

Tree roots often grow as tall as the full height of trees. Instead of growing downward, tree roots grow laterally in search of nutrients. If you plant trees too close to your house, thirsty tree roots may enter small holes or cracks in your foundation.

Over time, a damaged foundation weakens your home’s structural integrity. In worst-case scenarios, a compromised foundation may result in collapsed structures. 

Signs of subsidence caused by trees include vertical cracks in the walls and foundation of your property. Broken windows, misaligned window frames, and spalling of concrete floors may also indicate subsidence.

If you notice damage to buildings on your property, call Volunteer Tree Company to evaluate your trees and soil. 

Dying Trees

Trees must compete for available nutrients in the ground. During dry seasons, nearby trees on your property may deplete the soil of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. If your soil cracks or sinks, and you notice falling bark, insect infestations, or low leaf growth on your trees, subsidence may be at fault. 

Protect your trees from subsidence by contacting local tree experts for yearly maintenance. Root trimming, directional pruning, and crown-raising services can prevent trees from further damaging properties. Avoid paying the hefty tree replacement costs by giving your trees the care they deserve. 

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