Two Reasons Why Cutting Tree Limbs Near Power Lines Should Be Done by Experts

It’s no secret that tree limbs and power lines don’t mix. That’s why it’s crucial to trim tree branches before they reach electrical lines. However, cutting tree limbs near power lines is exceedingly dangerous and can pose numerous safety hazards that jeopardize your overall well-being.

Unfortunately, many Columbia homeowners don’t understand how dangerous trimming limbs near power lines is. That’s why Volunteer Tree Company developed a guide explaining why you shouldn’t cut tree branches near overhead power lines.

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Two Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Cut Tree Limbs Near Power Lines

Cutting tree limbs near power lines is one of the most dangerous aspects of being an arborist. The smallest mistake can cause power outages, property damage, injuries, and even death. Below are a few reasons why you should leave tree trimming near power lines to professional arborists.

1. It’s Illegal

Cutting tree limbs near power lines isn’t just dangerous. It’s also illegal. Homeowners can’t cut tree branches within ten feet of power lines without an OSHA certification.

Professional arborists receive extensive training to ensure they understand how to cut branches safely and efficiently, no matter their surroundings. They utilize sophisticated trimming techniques to cut branches while ensuring the limb lands in a secure location. Cutting limbs next to active power lines will result in heavy fines that can take a toll on your finances.

2. Increased Risk of Electrocution

Accidentally touching power lines while trimming trees can send electric shocks throughout your body, causing significant injuries and even death. Even experienced tree care professionals aren’t prone to accidents and can electrocute themselves during the trimming process. In fact, electrocution caused 17% of arborist fatalities between 2009 and 2014.

Cutting tree limbs near power lines without professional training significantly increases the chances of electrocution and electric service problems. Even if you don’t electrocute yourself, the branch could land on surrounding homes or vehicles, causing significant damage that costs a small fortune to repair. Always contact a professional tree care service to ensure safe and efficient tree trimming near power lines.

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