Tips & Techniques For Tree Trimming & Pruning Columbia, TN

Proper care and maintenance of your trees will keep them healthy, strong, and also prevent them from posing any danger. It is important to know that you should start caring for your tree immediately after planting it. How you treat your tree from the beginning will affect its strength, shape, and its lifespan. It is vital to seek tree trimming and pruning services in Columbia, TN to take care of your trees especially if you think they’re posing risks. 

Tips & Techniques For Tree Trimming & Pruning Columbia, TN

Tree services experts also have wide knowledge about many tree species and understand their behavior which is vital when cutting any tree branches. Below are various tips and techniques for tree trimming and pruning:

Identify The Tree Species

You must identify your tree species if you’re going to prune or trim your trees. All trees come from two known families with unique pruning and trimming needs. These families are: deciduous and evergreen. 

Identify Tree Species

Deciduous trees completely lose their leaves during the dry or winter season but regrow them over the summer. Evergreen trees on the other hand stay green most of the year only losing a few needles and foliage at a time. They grow their leaves right after losing a few of them and that’s why they always have visible leaves year long.

The growth habits of these trees are different which is why their trimming and pruning techniques are unique. You should learn about the trees on your property to do a good job when pruning and trimming. However, you can always seek professional tree trimming services if these actions seem to be too difficult or dangerous.   

Trim Away Branches When They’re Young

It is easier by far to work with young trees and you’ll also minimize the risk of damaging your tree. Cutting or removing older or probably thicker tree branches can easily damage the tree or its shape.

Young trees are easy to trim

Prune Trees During A Dormant Season

It is always best to do your pruning and trimming in dormant seasons. However, there are special occasions when you don’t need to follow this schedule. For instance, you should immediately prune your trees irrespective of the season if you have spotted decaying, dangling, or even dead branches.

Only Remove V-shaped Branches and Leave U-shaped Branches

V-shaped branches that also appear as narrow angles are much weaker compared to u-shaped branches. Weak branches can easily break and sometimes cause severe damage. Removing them should be easier. You can always schedule an appointment and hire professional tree trimming services providers to do and complete excellent work. 

Watch The Collar While Trimming Your Tree

You should not trim your tree too far or too close to the collar. Also, the branch collar should not be removed or a large stub should not be left behind.

A branch collar is often defined as the shoulder between the trunk and branch. The branch collar influences your tree’s growth pattern and conductivity of nutrients. Collars serve as the branches’ foundation and they’re the reason why they can withstand stress from numerous directions. Branch collars also act as a protective barrier.

Be Careful With The Size Of Your Tree Branches

It is advisable to avoid cutting branches with a thickness of five inches or more in diameter. Unless they’re decaying, dead, or pose safety risks, do not remove any branches that are 10 inches thick or more in diameter since doing so may damage the tree. 

The Size Of The Branches Matters During Pruning

Avoid Pruning In The Fall

At this time of the year, fungi spread very rapidly, and it’s also when tree cuts take a long time to heal. Of course, in the situation where the branches are dead or pose any risks, they should be removed during any season.  

Remove Branches That Are Growing Across Other Branches

Also, cut those branches rubbing against other branches or those tending to grow inward to other plants or trees. Get rid of any water-sprouts or suckers.

Overgrown branches across other trees should  in Columbia, TN

Keep Lateral Branches Evenly Spaced

To allow your tree or plant to grow evenly, you will also enable it to maintain a balanced appearance.

Types Of Pruning Techniques

Proper pruning of trees is an art that is guided by the physiological life of trees and aids in improving the health and structure of the tree. Some of the common pruning types or techniques include:

Crown Clean

This may also include crown thinning and it involves the removal of unwanted material that has grown on the tree crown. It may include a lot of things such as parasitic plants from surrounding areas, climbing trees, foreign objects like parts of clothes, or old tree houses.

Crown Clean in Columbia, TN

Crown Raising/Lifting

This is cutting branches from the tree crown’s lower side or the bottom to pave way for vehicles, pedestrians, buildings, or for a clear stem when you want to produce timber. Removing smaller tree branches will lessen their stress and a tree should not be lifted to more than a third of its height.

Crown Reduction/Reshaping

This becomes an option when the tree has grown too large past the convenient space it can accommodate. Also called drop crotch pruning, it involves the removal of the foliage making it smaller and giving an enhanced natural look. The tree stress is also minimized. In the next season, healthy large and small branches left behind will be able to produce dense foliage.      


Pollarding is the pruning of specific tree species to pollard heads during the dormant season. It is then repeatedly pruned to the same area leading to the formation of a pollard knuckle. The term is also used when describing the heavy reduction of large or big trees and managing them as pollards throughout their life.

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Tree major work such as pruning and trimming can be very dangerous especially to average people who are not professionals in tree services. Our tree service experts are highly trained to ensure safety for your property and workers.

Safe Tree Trimming And Pruning Services Columbia, TN

They are experienced to know how to handle decaying wood, power lines, and use proper equipment.    


Trying to do a great job in tree work with no experience or improper equipment is nearly impossible and it can easily lead to inefficient work. If you hire our professional tree service, you can expect excellent tools and expertise to get a great service for your tree work.

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Knowledge And Experience

The best way to avoid many risks associated with tree work is to hire our tree services and experts. We have the right equipment and tools in addition to our knowledge and experience to produce tree-quality services.

You can damage your properties, cars, other plants, and in the worse case injure or hurt a person or your pet. We have avoided these risks in the easiest ways possible because of our expertise and experience.


We are insured against damage or accident that might happen in the course of tree service work. The insurance coverage shows we are committed to providing exceptional tree services.

We’re A Locally  Owned Tree Service Company

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