5 Signs You May Need to Call a Dead Tree Removal Service

How do you cheer up a tree? You tell it acorn-y joke! If tree puns are the extent of your forestry knowledge, you’ve got a long way to go. But we can help! This article is all about how you can identify the signs of a dead tree and when it’s time to look up a tree service Lewisburg TN.

Let’s get started!

1. Color and Texture

The easiest way to judge a tree’s health is by taking off a few branches and a piece of bark. If the branches are brittle and break easily, your tree could be dead. Be sure to test more than one branch to see if some of them are still healthy. If so, you might be able to hire a tree service to help with tree trimming or tree pruning to improve the tree’s health.

For the bark, look at the color. Is it brown and dry? That could mean it’s dying. But if it’s moist and green your tree is likely healthy. If you’re unsure about tree care or how to tell if a tree is dying you can always call a professional to check it out.

2. Fungus or Pests

Fungus or mushrooms at the base of a tree or on the trunk can help you when spotting a dead tree. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean the tree is completely dead – it could be in decline though.

Pests like bark beetles and carpenter ants are also a sign of a declining or dead tree.

3. Excessive Leaning

Tree not standing as straight as it used to? Rapid or gradual leaning could be a sign that a tree is dying. If a tree is leaning because of a storm or excessive rain, it may still be healthy.

4. Fewer Leaves

When a tree is healthy it has lots of leaves during the spring and summer. But when trees die you’ll notice fewer leaves during peak season. You may also notice the leaves are thinner or don’t appear as healthy as they used to.

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5. Root Damage

If you’ve recently had work done in your yard like land clearing or construction it’s possible that your tree sustained root damage. It’s hard to notice root damage from the surface but if you’re noticing some of these other issues with your tree, the underlying issue could be the roots.

Find Tree Service Lewisburg, TN

Do these issues sound familiar? If so, your tree may be dying or dead. But to be sure, you should call an expert to find out. And even if you have healthy trees, a tree service can help you keep them healthy.

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