Tree Root Removal: A How to Guide

Whether you have a green thumb or simply want to help around your yard, caring for your trees can become a refreshing hobby for you. From tending to tree barks to shaping tree branches, you can carry out a lot of activities to take care of these important members of your yard. 

But in the process, you may also come in contact with some complex challenges. Tackling an above-the-ground tree root is one of these scenarios. In several cases, it remains an essential activity to ensure the health of your yard. But in all situations, it may also seem quite difficult to handle all by yourself.  But if you are looking for help with your trees, reach out to us at the Volunteer Tree Company today. We are pleased to help you out with your tree needs.

Our tree service is here to help in the Lewisburg TN area. Whether you are located in or around Lewisburg TN, we are happy to help with our tree service options.

If you find yourself in College Grove, Columbia, Pulaski, Shelbyville, Spring Hill, or Thompson’s Station, we can definitely provide our assistance with our tree service. We offer a wide variety of tree service options that will surely meet your needs in the Lewisburg TN area.

With that being said, removing a tree root is not an impossible feat to achieve. A little care here, some choice equipment there, and you can easily carry out a DIY tree root removal. 

To help you through the process of tree removal in Lewisburg, here’s a guide on removing tree roots in a few simple steps. 

1. Examine the Tree Root in Lewisburg TN

Whenever you see a tree root above the ground, your immediate reaction might be that of grave concern. More often than not, it would be followed by an inclination to remove the root. 

But here’s the kicker. Removing tree roots might be deadly to the tree in question, especially when the process is carried out without a qualified arborist. That is why, you should only remove tree roots if they are detrimental to a nearby plant or building structure. Otherwise, you should stay away from removing tree roots for visual quality alone.

With this in mind, the first step is to examine the tree root and its effects on any nearby plants or property. If you think that it is damaging anything, you may move forward with the process.

If you have any questions or concerns as you are conducting stump removal or general tree root removal in Lewisburg TN, reach out to us at the Volunteer Tree Company. Our professional tree service representatives would be pleased to answer any questions you might have and would be there to offer assistance with regard to your stump removal or tree removal in Lewisburg TN.

2. Check the Size of the Root and Tree

If the root that you are trying to remove is part of a bigger root structure, you should leave it be and contact a professional instead. But if the root traces back to the tree in its small size, you can move forward with cutting it down. 

In order to avoid hurting your tree to the point of no return, make sure to cut tree roots that are farther away from it. Here, you can use your tree’s diameter as a guideline. 

This step requires you to measure the tree’s diameter at least 4 feet above the ground. Then, multiply the figure that you get by 3. This gives you an acceptable range to cut tree roots. For instance, if your tree is 4 feet in diameter, you should refrain from cutting roots that are within 12 feet from its base.

Again, if you find yourself with questions about stump removal or tree removal in Lewisburg TN, reach out to us and find out how our tree service can help you.

3. Completely Extract the Root From the Ground

In order to remove the root, it is important that you don’t just prune the surface above the ground. It may cause unnecessary hurt for the tree, which would eventually grow back those roots only for you to repeat the process.

That is why you should dig a hole around the root that you want to remove completely. Make sure that you are mindful of the diameter mentioned above and don’t go past that while removing the root. 

After you have dug a hole to expose the root, make sure to check for any other roots underneath it. If you think you need any assistance with a bunch of roots, simply take a picture and reach out to an arborist instead. 

Our tree services in Lewisburg TN are reliable, effective, and will certainly help you to sleep with peace of mind when thinking about your stump removal or tree removal project. If you require a tree service company in Lewisburg TN that has expertise in stump removal, tree removal, and tree trimming in Lewisburg TN, then we at the Volunteer Tree Company are here for you.

4. Only Use a Root Saw to Remove the Root

Whenever you are trying to remove a tree root, make sure not to use any other tools than the specialized root saw. It is not different from a surgeon choosing the equipment for their job. Since the wrong choice could be deadly or harmful to the tree, there’s no room for compromises. 

Afterwards, you can use the root saw to slowly start cutting the root to the ground. Once you are done, repeat the process on any other roots that are nearby before leveling the hole you had dug. 

In order to be mindful of your tree’s well being, remember to be gentle in the process. You should also make sure that you are only cutting a fifth of all above-the-ground roots. If you cut more than that amount, it can be fatal to your tree. If you want to cut more roots, you should wait for a period of two-three months. 

5. Rethink the Process Before Executing It

Whenever you are about to take the DIY route for tree root removal, take a moment to think over the approach again. Since the practice is risky for your tree’s wellbeing, ask yourself if you can easily carry out the task or not. 

With this consideration, also go through the available equipment that you have in place, which happens to be tape measure as well as root saw. If you think that spending your money on a root saw is not a wise approach, you can drop the idea of doing it all by yourself. 

Instead, you can reach out to a reliable arborist or landscape company in the area that can perform the process for you. In case you are doubtful about the DIY approach, this practice can ensure that your tree remains in good health despite the root removal. 

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At the Volunteer Tree Company, our highly qualified and experienced professionals can carry out tree root removal with the utmost ease. As one of the most renowned tree service companies in Lewisburg, we make it a point to offer our solutions at competitive prices to keep our community’s yards thriving at all times. 

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