How to Get a Tree Removal Permit in Lewisburg, Tennessee

Trees aren’t just a beautiful part of nature. They can be a safety hazard that can send you, your family, your employees, or your customers to the hospital. 

Because of this, you should never keep a dangerous tree on your property, but before you pull out the chainsaw, you need to know the proper steps to follow when it comes to cutting down Tennessee trees. 

We’ve put together this guide to show you how to apply for a tree removal permit, so let’s get started! 

Understanding Tree Removal Laws in Tennessee 

Do I always need to apply for a permit before I cut down a tree on my property?

In most cases, the answer to this question is yes. You will need to apply for a permit with Lewisburg’s urban forester with an acceptable reason to remove the tree (more on that later). If you’re a residential home, you may be able to skip the application, but it’s a good idea to talk to an arborist just in case. 

If you want to cut down protected trees in Tenessee, regardless of what type of property you’re on, you’ll need a permit. Otherwise, you may find yourself paying a very hefty fine. 

How to Apply for a Tree Removal Permit 

All you have to do to apply for a tree removal permit is fill out the right form. However, this takes a bit more work than filling in the blanks. You’ll have to know the following things before you start: 

  • The species of tree you want to remove 
  • Exact number of trees you plan to cut down 
  • Hight of the tree 
  • Diameter of the tree 
  • The reason you want to remove the tree 
  • Diagram of the property 

You’ll probably have to draw this diagram yourself. Make sure you label everything and clearly mark the tree (or trees) you want to remove. Again, if you need some help with this step, you may want to talk to a professional arborist. 

Reasons for Removal 

You can’t necessarily get rid of a tree just because you don’t like it. As you’re filling out the application, you have to make sure you have a strong reason the tree can’t stay there anymore. 

Some of the most common reasons include: 

  • Tree disease
  • Insect or pest infestation 
  • Danger of falling branches 
  • Safety risk (such as leaning, cracks, or protruding roots) 
  • Etc. 

If the city sees one of these things on your permit, they most likely won’t hesitate to grant it. Trees can be a hazard to people, buildings, and assets, so in some cases, the best thing to do is remove them. 

Tennessee Tree Removal: What to Do Next

Once you have your tree removal permit in hand, you need to find a professional tree removal company to do the work for you. Never try to cut down a tree on your own. Without the right tools and experience, it can be extremely dangerous. 

Not sure where to find the right help?

Don’t wait to get in touch with our team at Volunteer Tree Company today! We’ll take a look at your unwanted tree and get it off your hands as soon as possible. 


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