9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tree Removal Company

When managing the trees on your property in Lewisburg, TN, it is always ideal to do thorough research before hiring a tree removal company. You may have a dead tree in your yard that could potentially cause harm or damage to your property. You may also feel the need to remove old tree stumps.

Tree removal Lewisburg, TN companies, can do tree pruning, tree stump removal, and stump grinding services. Whatever your project is, you need to find the best company to get the job done. You can get that done by asking the right questions to get the right professional among the many tree service companies.

1. Are They Licensed and Insured?

Getting an insured and licensed company for tree root removal will assure you of the safety of your property and home. You may get an operated company that functions with an expired license. Getting a business with authorization shows its level of legitimacy and seriousness.

If your property or any of your things become damaged during the tree removal process, the policy ensures the company does the repairs. Ensure you ask to see their policies to check if they have liability coverage in case of any damage. Also, check to see if their employees have compensation insurance. The workers’ compensation should make sure that you do not take the burden if a member of their team suffers an injury while working on your property.

Licensed companies assure you of compliance with industry regulations. Licenses are also beneficial as they give you certified arborists that help with expert advice about tree removal.

Do your due diligence to get insured tree services in Lewisburg, TN, which leaves you protected and catered for in an accident.

2. What Experience Do You Have in Tree Services?

Experienced companies have worked on a variety of trees in your area. Thus, they possess the skill and knowledge to do quality work efficiently. Ensure you ask about the number of years they have done tree root removal in Lewisburg, TN.

3. Do You Have References?

A tree root removal company with many years’ experience must have an established reputation. After knowing their experience, you can ask homeowners who have had their services in Lewisburg, TN, reviews and customer experience.

In Lewisburg, Tennessee, any reputable tree root removal company should have a ready list of references to make your decision-making convenient. Do not hesitate to follow up with the customers they have served before. Often a customer can give you their honest opinion unless they are a family member of the contractors you are investigating. 

Your property is worth getting the best tree services in Lewisburg, TN. Ensure you do your thorough research about the experience level of the company.

4. How Will You Do the Job?

Whether the company is to do a stump removal or an emergency tree removal, it is essential to understand the whole process. You need to know how many people will do the work and what machinery they will use.

Enquiring is essential, especially if the project is complex and requires a unique strategy to do an excellent job. You may also find that the approach given is not according to your preferences.

5. What Type of Equipment Do You Use?

It is essential to find out the type of equipment they will use, alongside how they plan to do the job. Reliable companies will have all the appropriate equipment to tackle the job.

Ensure you also know whether the company has the essential safety gear and equipment for its employees. Ideally, the employees work using safety equipment such as hard hats and harnesses. A tree service company that takes the safety of its workers seriously will likely be safer overall.

6. How Long Will the Process Take?

A tree removing process can take a short or a long time, depending on the situation. Removing a large tree can take a longer time frame than cases such as tree trimming.

Enquire how long the company you are interviewing will take to finish the project. Avoid choosing a company that takes a significantly shorter time than all others, as they may lack excellence in their work. It is ideal to also enquire about the company’s availability to ensure it matches your timeline.

7. Can I Get a Detailed Estimate of Costs?

Instead of getting rough estimates of the total cost, ask the tree removal company to give you detailed pricing to compare quotes from different companies.

Getting a detailed estimate helps avoid hidden charges or extra fees that can catch you off guard. Be aware of companies that charge a significantly low-cost tree service than the others. They may not have the appropriate equipment, experience, or license. It is also essential to avoid overpaying by comparing price estimates.

Tree services in Lewisburg, TN can drain your finances if you get a company with unclear charges. Avoid companies that demand money upfront before you receive their assistance. Also, take advantage of the free quotes to compare different service providers with competitive pricing. If you come across any company asking for payment, avoid them because you can still get a free estimate today. 

8. How Do You Protect a Client’s Property During the Process?

Tree cutting and removal come with risks such as property damage. Your yard layout and the size of the tree can be risk factors. Various companies have procedures to ensure property safety during the whole process. It is essential to look for a company that habitually takes all the appropriate steps to protect your yard, home, and belongings.

Professional tree removal companies always plan to repair the damage caused by their gear on a client’s lawn area. Some offer landscape services if their equipment drives through to access the working site.

9. What is Your Clean-up Process?

Stump and tree root removal can leave a mess in your yard. The disorder can be even more, depending on how many tree stumps you need removing. There will be pieces of tree bark, debris, and branches lying around on the site.

Contact each company and find out about their clean-up process. You want to find a team that will do a fantastic job by leaving your yard better than they found it.

The quote estimates should indicate whether they clean up and do tree disposal as part of the total cost or as an additional cost. Ensure you get clarification about this to avoid remaining with a big mess.

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