5 Types of Trees with Low Branches You Can Plant in Your Yard

There are various types of trees with low branches that any homeowner can plant in their yard to give the space a pop of color. Trees are a great way to spruce up a landscape, create a focal point, or simply diversify the amount of vegetation in a yard.

If you don’t know what type of trees with low branches are best suited for your climate, don’t worry! Volunteer Tree Company is here to help. Let the friendly tree service experts in Columbia from Volunteer Tree Company choose the best trees to suit your needs and your vision.

How to Choose the Right Trees

Many homeowners opt for ornamental trees because of their gorgeous colors. However, remember that ornamental trees are slow-growing and may require special care. When selecting suitable trees with low branches for your yard, you need to consider the available space and maintenance needs of different tree species.

You can also opt for tree species with dwarf varieties since these are trees that grow well in small spaces.

5 Trees with Low Branches for Your Yard

  1. Ribbon-Leaf Japanese Maple

Most people are familiar with the iconic Canadian maple tree, but if you’re looking for a maple variety that can thrive in a yard, opt for the Ribbon-Leaf Japanese maple. Ribbon-leaf Japanese maples have striking leaf shapes, changing color throughout the year. The leaves are deep red during the spring and change to bronze in the summer. When autumn rolls around, they turn into a bright orange. This tree needs partial shade for optimum growth if you live in a hot area.

  1. Royal Star Magnolia

If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, the Royal Star Magnolia is your best bet. This hardy species tolerates heat and cold extremely well. During early spring, you’ll be able to enjoy the sight of your trees bearing bright white flowers. What’s more, their sweet fragrance is the perfect addition to any garden! Royal Star Magnolias are a popular type of tree with low branches because of their low maintenance requirements.

  1. Prairifire Crabapple

Prairifire crabapples are deciduous trees, meaning that they have different appearances throughout the year. These trees top out at around 20 feet tall and require full sunlight. You’ll see pink flowers during the spring and small, purplish fruits during the fall. These trees are popular with birdwatchers since the sweet fruits and dense foliage attract birds throughout the year. 

  1. Black Diamond Crepe Myrtle

With an average height of around 12 feet, Black Diamond Crepe Myrtles are perfect for smaller gardens. The flowers have thin, crumpled petals (hence the name) that pop out against the dark-colored foliage. Since the branches tend to grow laterally, having around 8 feet of space between each tree is best.

  1. Venus Dogwood Tree

Produced by Rutgers University, Venus Dogwoods are hardy trees that tolerate cold temperatures and droughts exceptionally well. You’ll enjoy large, white flower-like bracts during the spring, which turn red during the fall. Venus Dogwoods can grow up to 20 feet tall and require partial to full sun to bloom properly.

Bring a Splash of Color to Your Garden Today!

There you have it, five types of trees with low branches that are perfect for any garden. Each of these trees produces blooms with striking colors that will beautify any garden! Before choosing any type of tree for your outdoor space, consult with our tree experts at Volunteer Tree Service to understand what kind of climate you have. Keep in mind that healthy trees need regular trimming and pruning. Learn more about our trimming and pruning services by calling us today at 954-680-7739.


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