Main Benefits of Stump Grinding in Shelbyville, TN

If you have had a tree fall or cut down on your property, you probably wonder what to do with the remaining tree stump. Tree stumps can be ugly, inconvenient, and even dangerous, and stump removal is an integral part of healthy tree care and yard management. 

The most direct solutions to stumps usually involve digging them up for removal, or they can be ground down. However, stump grinding is a less invasive and more effective service offered by most tree removal companies. 

Let’s take a close look at some of the benefits you can expect from stump grinding.

Top 7 Benefits of Stump Grinding Shelbyville TN

1. To Improve the Beauty of Your Yard and Reclaim Space

Tree stumps are unsightly. They can make a yard that is otherwise neat and well-kept appear neglected. But with stump grinding, you can instantly improve the appearance of your property. This raises the property’s overall worth as well as its aesthetic appeal.

Aside from aesthetics, space is a vital consideration, especially if you have a small yard. A tree stump might obstruct space that could otherwise be used for other landscaping features. Stump grinding will therefore allow you to reclaim wasted space.

2. To Eliminate the Chances of Stump Sprouting

After paying for a tree to be cut down, you do not want to deal with regrowth. In cases where a tree falls, you’d rather start planting anew than have an unsightly stump producing young shoots. Unfortunately, stumps are known to regenerate quite fast. 

Stump grinding eliminates any chances of regrowth by killing the roots and any buds that might start shooting. It, therefore, gets rid of any additional costs that may come with tree trimming services needed to cut the shoots.

3. It Is a Fast and Efficient Method of Stump Removal

In Shelbyville, TN, physical stump removal can either entail shredding the stump into small wood chips or digging out all of the tree’s extensive roots to remove the bulky tree stump. 

The latter is more time-consuming and leaves a large hole in the ground that will not only look terrible but pose a great injury risk until it’s filled in. On the other hand, stump grinding is efficient, fast, and leaves behind wood chips or sawdust that could be used as mulch.

4. To Avoid Accidents

A tree stump may not appear threatening, but it can be a big tripping hazard for anyone, particularly kids, seniors, and pets. 

That said, grinding a stump is a necessary safety precaution for you and your family. Furthermore, it also eliminates the potential of a costly stump-related accident. If someone is injured on your property, you may be held accountable for their injuries. 

5. To Eliminate Pests and Disease

An idle tree stump on your property may seem harmless, but it could serve as a habitat for a variety of pests, some of which can cause diseases. Insects like ants and termites are particularly fond of tree stumps, and such pests could damage other landscaping shrubs and trees.

Stumps could also be remnants of diseased trees and could spread infections to nearby healthy plants if left to stick around. As such, employ the necessary tree service for a healthy yard.

6. For Convenience — Stumps Can Be a Real Pain When Mowing

When mowing the lawn, you have to remember that there’s a tree stump around the yard. As such, you have to stop and go around stumps each time. Even worse, if you hit one by accident, you risk damaging your mowing equipment.

Besides this, weeds, mushrooms, and others may grow over or around the stump, meaning you will need periodic maintenance to keep it looking tidy. But with stump grinding, you won’t have to deal with such problems.  

7. To Protect The Environment

Apart from the aforementioned physical tree removal methods, some people choose to use chemical methods such as agricultural herbicides that kill the stump and hasten the rotting process. 

Unfortunately, most of these chemicals are toxic and contaminate water, soil, grass, and other vegetation. It is therefore advisable to use a non-toxic, eco-friendly method like stump grinding. 

If anything, stump grinding, like tree trimming, gives back the earth by providing organic material. Furthermore, with grinding, there is minimal disruption to the surrounding area.

Volunteer Tree Company — Precise, Safe and Efficient Stump Grinding in Shelbyville, TN

Volunteer Tree Company provides professional tree stump grinding and other tree services to residential and commercial clients in Shelbyville, TN. We are a family-owned and operated tree removal service company based in Lewisburg, Tennessee. 

Some services offered include stump grinding, trimming, tree pruning, land clearing, tree removal, and tree cutting services. We supersede other companies in Tennessee because of our professionalism, licensed technicians, knowledgeable methods, high-end equipment, timely work, and debris clean-up, all at very affordable prices.

As such, if you’ve recently cut down a tree and don’t know what to do with the stump, contact us for professional tree removal services. We are your go-to company and deliver exceptional stump grinding services to open up your yard for better landscaping.

If you’d like to know more about our stump removal services, feel free to give us a call at (931) 637-5487 to schedule an appointment with an ISA certified arborist or even get a free estimate; depending on what you need!


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