Why DIY Tree Trimming Is Not a Good Idea

Trimming your trees makes them safer and healthier and improves their appearance. While tree trimming may seem relatively simple, it requires specialized skills and knowledge to do right. We recommend that you always hire a certified arborist for tree trimming because of the inherent dangers of DIY tree trimming. 

Keep reading to understand why professionals, rather than anyone without proper training, should trim a tree.

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Tree Trimming Involves Too Much Risk

DIY tree trimming poses a significant risk of accidents, especially when climbing trees to access higher branches. If you opt to trim a tree by yourself, dead branches may fall on you or cause property damage if the tree is close to your home.

Professionals have the training and proper gear to deal with hard-to-reach tree branches safely. They also have sufficient training on the best time to prune and safety measures needed to avoid accidents or property damage when cutting branches. In a worst-case scenario, a reputable tree care service carries liability insurance to protect you and your property.

Permanent Tree Damage

To do a good trimming job, you need some basic knowledge of trees. Incorrect trimming may weaken your tree, make it look ugly, or even lead to its premature death. Common trimming mistakes like topping and over-pruning can compromise a tree’s health. 

Certified arborists go through years of education and training to acquire the skills and experience to do the job correctly.

Potential Property Damage

While many property owners know that they need to trim or prune at the first sign of an unhealthy or disease tree, they don’t see the importance of having those services performed regularly by those who are experts in the art. For example, trimming only the most obviously unhealthy branches may leave other branches susceptible to strong winds or icy weather. 

The same problem can happen when you use the wrong pruning techniques. Trees need pruning in a certain way to stay healthy, and trimming them the wrong way can lead to increased tree disease, rot, or death.

DIY Tree Trimming Takes Time

If you have many trees on your property, trimming them yourself requires a significant time investment to do the job properly. Professional arborists know how to use the best trimming methods efficiently. 

Their training and experience allow them to complete tree trimming jobs in the shortest time while providing superior service and ensuring your trees enjoy optimal health and look great.

Common DIY Tree Trimming Mistakes

Contrary to popular belief, tree trimming isn’t as straightforward a job as it may seem. Property owners who opt for DIY tree trimming often make many of the same mistakes, which they can avoid with a quick call to a certified arborist.

Common DIY tree trimming mistakes include:

  • Using blunt tools
  • Over-lifting
  • Over-pruning
  • Topping 
  • Flush cutting
  • Using unsanitized tools

Contact An Arborist for Professional Tree Trimming

As discussed above, DIY tree trimming without fully understanding the proper means of doing so may create safety risks and compromise your tree’s health and beauty. Trust a certified arborist to ensure you have safe and healthy trees for many years to come.

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